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Hosting a dinner, celebration, or gathering?

We would love to cook for you!

From intimate dinner parties, casual group gatherings, to large events,  our team of talented chefs is ready to bring their culinary expertise to your special event. We pride ourselves on crafting customized menus that reflect your tastes and any guest restrictions. Menus are all organic, locally sourced, and seasonally inspired. 

Below are sample menus to provide a peak into the magic.

Dinner Party

Sample Menu

Market Greens

Seafood Paella

Coffee Table Snacks


Shaved zucchini, asparagus, radish with herbed lemon vinaigrette

Shrimp, mussels, clams
Leeks, saffron, paprika, parsley

Castelvetrano olives
Comte cheese
Pickled veg

Olive oil cake with lemon
Fresh strawberries

Shishito Peppers + Peaches


Chicory Salad

Citrus Herb Salmon

Saffron, honey

Served with sourdough bread

Tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, walnut, feta, fenugreek dressing

Served with buttered saffron rice, barberries, caramelized shallot


Rose water rice pudding with pistachio
Persian black tea

Roasted Garlic + Turmeric Hummus
Lentil, Tahini, Parsley
Beet, White Bean, Sumac
Whipped feta 

Crudité + Crackers
Seasonal veg may include: radishes, carrots, cucumber, fennel, bell pepper
Seeded Crackers
Sourdough bread 

Cheese platter 
3-4 local cheeses, chive butter, persimmons, apples, fruit compote, marinated olives

Apps passed by Cupboard team

Parmesan, bread crumbs, arborio rice

Stuffed Mushrooms
Thyme, rosemary, chard, 
breadcrumbs, feta

Radicchio Boats 
Chickpea salad + beet relish

Tamarind-Lime Soda
Mulled pomegranate "wine" with cinnamon, clove, orange peel

Cucumber & Heirloom Tomatoes
Red onion, parsley, lemon, sumac

Radicchio & Little Gem Salad
with stone fruit, sesame crumble, juniper-tarragon vinaigrette

Kale & Lentil Salad 
with golden beets, avocado, toasted almonds, pickled onion

Herbed Chicken Meatballs
served with a chimichurri sauce

Poached salmon
served with a caper & parsley salsa

Sweets & Other Accompaniments

Cashew Tea Cookies 
Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies
Flourless Chocolate Cake

Spiced Milk Tea

Our goal is ensuring that your event is an extraordinary success, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

3. Your Event!

Our team will launch into the logistics and match the event style (casual, formal, or somewhere in between). 

Menus will be crafted to your preferences.

2. We'll Prepare

Once in touch, we'll set up a phone call to learn more about your event. From there, we'll select the best chefs and team members to fit your needs including FOH staff and rentals.

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