Is to positively impact the wellbeing and health of our clients through food while also changing preconceived notions about what healthy eating is all about. A healthy diet with The Cupboard is full of flavor, texture, and variety! We pride ourselves on providing wholesome driven meals that support our clients’ health + wellbeing amongst their busy lives. 

The Cupboard is a team of thoughtful chefs who are passionate about seasonality, supporting local farms, and treating our clients with the tastiest meals. 

Our Why

We believe that a meal should never be boring. Our chefs have fun in the kitchen crafting dishes from all different cuisines! From textures, to flavor, to color, we love to innovate and create delicious and beautiful meals.


Our team is particularly passionate about this one — from tracking how far our produce travels, to being meticulous about where our fish comes from, to delivering meals in reusable glassware — sustainability is a cornerstone of our business. 


Nutrient density is two folds at The Cupboard: boosting ingredients that will add nutrient value or digestibility (such as adding kombu to our stocks & soaking our grains) and avoiding harmful ingredients (like damaged oils that are high in omega 6 & using low quality animal proteins). 

Nutrient Density

From the quality of ingredients — We source from local vendors and purveyors that offer the Bay Area’s best produce and animal products — to building strong relationships with our clients, quality is top priority. 


What We Believe In

We pride ourselves on sourcing our ingredients from local farms and companies that care deeply about creating and maintaining a healthy food system. Our ingredients are organic, including all spices and oils.

We source as local as possible, working with respected local vendors such as  Blue House Farm, Fifth Crow Farms, Star Route, and Far West Fungi. 

We source our grains and beans primarily from Fifth Crow, Pilot, Rancho Gordo, Llano Seco, and Hummingbird. Our tofu is Hodo Soy based in the East Bay which is organic and GMO free.

For our animal protein, we partner with Fogline Farms, PastureBird, Markegard, Stemple Creek, Ilano Seco, and Monterey Fish Market.

We highlight farms that we've sourced from each week on our clients menus. 

Our Sourcing Partners

Photo courtesy of Blue House Farm, Pescadero. Photo credits: Teddy Miller

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